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Trying to get 5,000 things done at once and only have room for 3,756.5 of those? Yes, that is life! However, if you’ve worked long enough, you probably have learned that some people manage time very wisely while others struggle with that key task. Let’s go through a short checklist that might minimize the stress within your week, while organizing the tasks at hand.

If you’re getting criticized at work, it often means people care about you. Funny how that works, right? I want to point that out because getting criticized at the office shouldn’t be your eve to give up and stop trying. When people stop talking to you, that’s when you should be worrying! Let’s go through some simple tips that may lead you to grow stronger the next time your supervisor is on your case!

Job satisfaction levels are nose-diving across the nation and there is no data to support that this will change. Unfortunately, you may be one of the many not entirely satisfied with your role at your current company. Let’s take a step back and remember how much of job satisfaction is mental and what you make of it. No, your boss may never see eye to eye with you yes, you may be severely underpaid; and no, you aren’t getting a promotion this quarter. Fine, it’s okay to be frustrated. Your employer may even want you to be in order to drive you to work better than you ever have before! But before you give in, these solutions may lead to strengthened happiness within your work environment.

Instagram has become a hotbed for social media engagement and shows no signs of stopping. The platform has taken off like wildfire and was reported to have more influencer marketing videos uploaded to it in 2016 than YouTube. When a platform goes this big, we should be taking full advantage! These Instagram engagement tips may not immediately get your brand five million followers, but they will encourage engagement and steer the arrow in a positive direction!