Maximize Your Production Around the Office

Trying to get 5,000 things done at once and only have room for 3,756.5 of those? Yes, that is life! However, if you’ve worked long enough, you probably have learned that some people manage time very wisely while others struggle with that key task. Let’s go through a short checklist that might minimize the stress within your week, while organizing the tasks at hand.

  1. Make a to-do list at the start of the week with allocated times that are appropriate for each task. Perhaps you are working on a major, month-long project that needs progress, but you can’t allocate an entire day to its needs. What if you selected an hour each day this coming week to work on it? That way you won’t be freaking out when the due date is only 48 hours away! Your to-do list will also be essential in allocating tasks that are urgent, semi-urgent, or not urgent in the grand scheme of things. When you see this list shortening each day, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and allows to you to figure out how to conquer the rest of the week. Who doesn’t love an easy Friday?
  2. Just start! So many people will put off starting a project that they spend more time trying not to work on it than doing something productive. If procrastination comes natural to your personality, it’s important to set your personal due dates in advance of office due dates. Some people work under pressure better than others, but waiting until the brink of a deadline can set you up for numerous negative consequences to happen.
  3. The battle of work efficiency and quality is one we fight often. Feel like you are losing some quality in your work due to tight deadlines? You probably need to take a break! There is no harm in walking around for five minutes, eating some fruit, or giving your mom a call to surprise her at work. I find that when we can’t let go of something troubling us on our minds, we can lose creativity. We need to focus but also not obsess. Take a break—it helps!
  4. Get ahead of next week. So you finished everything you needed to do this week on Thursday. Awesome, that means just browse the Internet on Friday, right? No! Go ahead and get a few tasks done ahead of schedule. Being ahead allows your brain not to clutter and creativity to be released. It may not be the best day to cram a bunch of items or stay late, but there is never a penalty for being early.

Still having trouble managing your time? I’m here to help! Learn more timesaving measures on my Twitter feed.

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