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How to Improve Your Key Social Media Platforms in 2017

As a brand, I’d never tell you not to join each social media platform. While some platforms might be more right for your company than others, none of them should be considered wrong. Let’s look at a few basic tactics that can turn any beginner into an intermediate level social media guru.

Facebook: Facebook isn’t the 2010 version of Facebook anymore. The biggest struggle I see are brands that are chasing what Facebook used to be. With their constantly changing algorithm, it’s up to you to make key adjustments. Currently, video content is trending at: 70-percent higher rates, and Facebook is thwarting all attempts at free advertising. To create more engagement without dropping big bucks, you will need to create experiences rather than direct advertisements. Paste short-form videos starring an employee, Facebook Live company interaction, or go heavy on posting about internal company culture. Also, bank on trending topics and holidays. Facebook will reward you for posting information about trending news stories as they work to become a bigger news outlet than Twitter.

Twitter: Quantity, quantity, quantity. The number of tweets you send out per day are the most important variable for gaining followers and creating engagement on Twitter. It sounds so simple, and yet it takes so much time, right? Consider using Tweet Deck or Hootsuite to schedule bundles of tweets, even if it’s the same tweet a few times a day. Twitter’s algorithm will not penalize you for it!

Instagram: Instagram is growing faster by the second! If you have been slow to jump on this train, there are still plenty of seats available. Expand your artsy horizons and get to posting pictures of your company culture! Your most important element will be keyword research that can be turned into hashtags. Getting thousands of real followers on Instagram is much easier than with its competitors, but only if you’re connecting to people strategically through hashtags. Follow your competitors or similar brands to figure out what works for them.

Here’s to a bundle of likes, retweets, and direct messages in 2017!

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