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Add Meaning to Your Work

Job satisfaction levels are nose-diving across the nation and there is no data to support that this will change. Unfortunately, you may be one of the many not entirely satisfied with your role at your current company. Let’s take a step back and remember how much of job satisfaction is mental and what you make of it. No, your boss may never see eye to eye with you yes, you may be severely underpaid; and no, you aren’t getting a promotion this quarter. Fine, it’s okay to be frustrated. Your employer may even want you to be in order to drive you to work better than you ever have before! But before you give in, these solutions may lead to strengthened happiness within your work environment.

Fulfill a purpose within your life.  Truly driven individuals will challenge themselves inside the workplace and out. We spend more time with our work family per week than we do our actual family. I’ve personally learned a lot of life lessons from daily challenges at work. Maybe I communicated something the wrong way, or I needed to embrace change on certain key aspects of my working style. A lot of these lessons can be translated to real-life situations, and it’s best to see work as a place to refine and define the greatest version of you. Nothing is perfect, but finding a way to work within your constraints for the time being is totally feasible.

Set a goal each week. As humans, we are trained to want to achieve something or look for the next big thing. Sometimes our ultimate goal feels so far away that we are never going to get it. Maybe you feel like all of your work is for naught and nobody is listening to you. I recommend setting one key goal for yourself every week at work. When you feel accomplishment within yourself, it shows in your future work, and that confidence is infectious to those around you.

Be you. I see it time and time again, where employees try to become a person they think their supervisor wants them to be. If this were Survivor, I’d say go for it and that you can probably fake somebody out for 39 days. However, in the real world, your true character will show through after so long and you don’t want to be insincere. You will find more gratitude at work by always sticking to your values and showcasing why the company hired you in the first place.  Anytime you adjust your working style, think about how it affects you and your personality directly. If you see yourself changing for someone else, that is never a good thing!

Some days it’s tougher to dig deep for motivation than others. Our successes and failures can affect our week, but if you stay motivated I promise that you will see that corner turn. Join me for more motivation on my Facebook!


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