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Thanksgiving is nearing, and there is a lot of turkey to be eaten! The best way to cook a turkey is widely debated, with many hours and dollars spent on perfecting the craft. Tired of the same old methods? These unique approaches to cooking your Thanksgiving Day turkey can provide something more interesting than football to talk about this holiday!

Brand positioning is similar to a first date. When you meet someone you want to know better, you put on your best behavior and try to impress them. At least, that’s the goal. You aim to convey who you are, and what you are interested in. If you are genuinely focused on identifying whether or not you are the right fit for one another, you will be true to your character, your interests, and your values.  The same is true of your brand.

The word “marketing” can sometimes scare small companies with a limited budget. Fortunately, a marketing strategy is not as expensive as you may think! Don’t go into your marketing game blind. A few important steps can help you design an effective plan on a budget!

As the owner of a company, ideas are always flowing into my office. I want my employees to bring top of the line ideas to me regularly, but I also know that many of these will not work currently. There is a fine line between letting the office become the wild west and empowering the employees to take ownership of various tasks. Managers must be selective about the ideas that they consider. These tips may help your ideas get heard!

When operating a small business, you will have a lot of uphill challenges. The days are long, the challenges are a plenty, and the accomplishments will make you feel on top of the world. Within those long lists of challenges is the concern of ransomware. Ransomware is a $1 billion crisis that targets businesses who have not properly protected their secure data. The perpetrators will use this information against you in order to gouge money.  New numbers state that U.S. companies are losing more than $8,500 an hour to ransomware! Fortunately, there are ways to avoid becoming an easy target.

There is no such thing as the stress free workday in 2016. With offices shrinking, duties growing, and a lot of strong personalities crammed together in the workplace, it is easy to lose focus at your work desk. While a lot of people can find themselves focusing on the amount of hours they work in relation to success, I’d like to focus on making my many hours spent working more productively. Working while feeling stressed out to the maximum degree will only create longer durations and unfocused strategies. I’ve found these tips to be helpful when trying to survive a long day!