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How to Engage People on Instagram in 2017

Instagram has become a hotbed for social media engagement and shows no signs of stopping. The platform has taken off like wildfire and was reported to have more influencer marketing videos uploaded to it in 2016 than YouTube. When a platform goes this big, we should be taking full advantage! These Instagram engagement tips may not immediately get your brand five million followers, but they will encourage engagement and steer the arrow in a positive direction!

Calls to Action

On Instagram, you must be more clever than on other platforms if you’re searching for conversions.  Your first strategy should be creating a call to action by placing designed text on your image or within the caption. What do you want the user to do? Maybe it’s instructing the user to visit your establishment for a free beverage, maybe it’s downloading a free e-book. Regardless, if the picture is visually on point and you know your target demo, you can lead them in the correct direction. The best part, is that on Instagram, we can guarantee that your followers are seeing your content without a boost, unlike Facebook.

Include Your Location

Gaining notoriety within our local areas is important. For instance, in Houston we have the Heights, Midtown, Galleria, and Downtown districts. In your posts, you should be communicating exactly where you are via phone location services and make it easy for people to find you.

Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags play by different rules on Instagram than they do on Twitter or Facebook. Always use 20+ hashtags on your images to maximize engagement. These hashtags should revolve around your service or product while also mixing in common hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday or #FridayFeeling. This will help connect you with people that are not already knowledgeable about your page.


Do you want to be noticed by other brands? Go out and interact with the brands that you want to notice you! They will be more likely to share your content in the future and will most definitely follow your page. This is the easiest method of gaining long-term engagement, but often the one companies overlook. This can be a simple, 10-minute-a-day while eating lunch process!

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