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For many of us, the end of the year contains a lot of difficult work projects, smaller staffs, stress and just a lot of overall noise to deal with. Has it broken your motivation at all? Even if it has just a touch, there are always ways to reconnect with your inner self and drive towards bigger and better things in 2017. Remember, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to building a successful career.

Social media marketing continues to trend upward, and the tools available for your success abound. The best part about social media marketing for your business is the fact that costs are relatively low in comparison to other marketing tactics. Let’s peek at some of the free social media marketing tools that you can combine with your current platforms en route to success.

As we get older, we have to adjust our marketing trends regularly. The millennial generation demands a specific strategy that your company should not ignore going forward. Millennials are now the most important generation for business marketers in terms of revenue. To properly connect with a younger demographic, you will need to take the time to understand what they want.

2017 will be no different than 2016 in that video is taking over social media, digital, and mobile streams. If your business hasn’t jumped on this trend yet, you are already behind.  Let’s review some of the common techniques:

It’s officially 2017! Do you feel smarter, more energized, or maybe just a little older? The change of the calendar doesn’t mean a ton for many of us in the workforce, but it does give us opportunities to point to signs of change within the marketing industry. More specifically: marketing tactics for small business. These three trends are options you should consider when building out your marketing playbook for the new year.

It’s the time of year that New Year’s resolutions are running wild! Whether it’s going to the gym a little more or being a better spouse, we’ve heard them all. For professionals, the turn of the calendar can be an ideal time to reset, refocus, and make 2017 the best year yet. These are some resolutions that you can easily keep and move forward with: