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Video Techniques for 2017

2017 will be no different than 2016 in that video is taking over social media, digital, and mobile streams. If your business hasn’t jumped on this trend yet, you are already behind.  Let’s review some of the common techniques:

Short is Sweet

 When it comes to social videos, is that longer doesn’t typically equal better. Facebook and Instagram videos of 10–15 seconds are considered the sweet spot for engagement. Attention spans continue to go downwards with mobile audiences, and quick direct messages tend get more views. The more consistent views you receive, the more Facebook’s algorithm will reward you going forward. As video techniques continue to change, companies will need to think more about quantity of video messaging versus building out longer two-minute productions.

Facebook Live Thrives

 Videos give us a 70-percent higher engagement rate than photos, and when you use Facebook Live, that number is likely to surge over 80 percent. Facebook encourages all businesses to use their live streaming tool by sending notifications to all of your followers when you go live for a video. There is no other means of social media post that can guarantee all of your organic followers have a chance to see your content. In fact, Facebook has discouraged organic reach in the last year while promoting this new concept. Live video, if done right, will maximize engagement and return more bang for your buck.

Mix Video With Email Marketing

 Email marketing is still a powerful tool for business owners. It gets much more powerful when proper video marketing techniques are included within your emails.  Embedding video content into your emails has proven to be effective in click-thru and open rates. As you train your audience to expect to see fun video content, they will be a lot more likely to be a regular viewer of your email content. Don’t ever separate these two marketing power tools, combine them and flourish!

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