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Maximize Marketing Appeal to Millennials

As we get older, we have to adjust our marketing trends regularly. The millennial generation demands a specific strategy that your company should not ignore going forward. Millennials are now the most important generation for business marketers in terms of revenue. To properly connect with a younger demographic, you will need to take the time to understand what they want.

  1. Experiences: Millennials have shown the tendency to enjoy experiences and shy away from direct traditional marketing. How does your business create an experience when searching for a conversion?
  2. Influencer Marketing: Growing up in the age of reality TV, this generation really identifies themselves with influencers. While hiring a celebrity might be too costly for your business, relating to celebrities isn’t. Maybe posting a happy birthday to a pop star on your page, making a cheesy gag image of a Kardashian shopping at your store, or a spin on a trending hashtag that incorporates a celebrity figure. There are a thousand different ways to incorporate influencer marketing, and it just takes a little creative thinking.
  3. Realistic: Millennials have shown they are more likely to react to natural and human approaches to marketing. The airbrushes and extreme Photoshop tactics haven’t resonated with them as much as brands tend to think. Mix in your influencer marketing with localized images of your office, staff, or your pet that came to visit today. Millennials love a humanized feel.

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