How to Find Time for Digital Marketing

If there’s one complaint about digital marketing that I hear more than any other, it’s got to be “I just don’t have the time.” I get it: you’re busy. But if your competitors are making the time to market themselves or their business online and you aren’t, then you’re going to be left in the dust before you can say, “What’s my Twitter password?”

You know why you should make time for digital marketing. Most importantly, that’s where your target audience spends a lot of time. It also just so happens to be more cost-efficient and easily trackable than traditional marketing methods. With a little education, almost anyone can use digital marketing tools to their advantage. If a lack of time is all that’s holding you back from harnessing the power of digital marketing, then the time to work on that problem is now.


Because I know you don’t have much time, we’ll make this quick! Here are six smart ideas to help you get started with consistent digital marketing efforts, whether you have a lot of time on your hands or very little.


  1. Work on it when you’re most enthusiastic.

See or read something that inspired you today? Use that energy! Write about it immediately. Record a short video on your phone. Take a photo and start slapping hashtags on it. Anytime you think to yourself, “Wow, that would make a great marketing message,” don’t wait. Do it right now while your energy and enthusiasm for the idea is high. If you put it off, it will never happen.


  1. Schedule a planning session with yourself.

Start by diving in and giving yourself an overview of your current marketing efforts and then make a plan for improving them. This can be an annual session, quarterly, or whatever it takes to keep you on track. Put some goals and some dates in your calendar and stick to them.


  1. Start with a small commitment each week.

Take out your calendar and block off an hour or two each and every week for digital marketing. You can allocate more time or less time. What’s important is that you follow through with this consistently. Your efforts will add up over time.


  1. Delegate where possible.

When you’re busiest is when it’s time to ask for help. If you don’t have any employees you can delegate tasks to in order to free up some time, then try calling a friend or a colleague and bartering with them. Trade them a favor later for a favor now.


  1. Say “no” as often as you can.

The biggest key to freeing up time for any project is to start saying “no” a lot. It doesn’t matter how badly you’re needed or how much more interesting the task you’re asked to do is—hold firm. Digital marketing is critical to your success, and it can’t be ignored. Say no to failure and stay on task!


  1. Outsource it.

If you’re really still struggling to find time for digital marketing, it’s pretty likely that you really don’t like digital marketing! And that’s ok, but it still has to get done. There are many fine digital marketing agencies out there (I happen to own one). Find the one that shares your values and vision and turn the busywork over to them.


Once you’ve gotten the hang of routinely allocating specific time to digital marketing, you’ll probably realize that you can boost your performance tremendously with a little knowledge and advice. I offer private digital marketing consultations with entrepreneurs and executives drawing on my many years of experience as a corporate marketing expert, agency owner, and entrepreneur. If you’ve got questions for me, let’s talk! Contact me here.


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