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Millennials are now the majority age group in the American business world. Most executives, however, are baby boomers. Solving this generational gap can be tough for some managers to comprehend. Unfortunately, both age groups are left with little choice but to adapt. These tips can help integrate Millennials into any business.


The Halloween season may be over, but that doesn’t mean all the scares have exited the building! No matter how confident we appear to be as owners, we suffer from fears that haunt our dreams long after the all-day shift is over. Don’t let these fears beat you down! There are ways to overcome your anxiety!

Building a personal brand that trends isn’t easy. It takes time, persistence, and an element of trial and error. You will be your own marketing director, your own social media director, truly your own boss! This is the opportunity to utilize tactics that you have may not been able to use in the past for one reason or another. When beginning construction, ask yourself these key questions in order to get organized in the right place!

Marketing is a world that is constantly evolving. What worked yesterday won’t always work tomorrow. What works really well today may not trend as well tomorrow. We have to stay on top of what’s trending digitally to ensure we give our clients the best campaign possible. These strategies are on the rise as the calendar flips to 2017.