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Small Business Trends for 2017

It’s officially 2017! Do you feel smarter, more energized, or maybe just a little older? The change of the calendar doesn’t mean a ton for many of us in the workforce, but it does give us opportunities to point to signs of change within the marketing industry. More specifically: marketing tactics for small business. These three trends are options you should consider when building out your marketing playbook for the new year.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

 Every website must be optimized for smartphones these days. Studies now indicate that more traffic actually hits websites from mobile devices than your traditional desktop or laptop computers. Small business owners are often slower to adapt to mobile trends. They often are involved in too many other projects to focus as much as they should on digital concepts. This allows you to get ahead of your competition and reach out to an app developer. Developing an app for your consumers or clients will indicate that you are tech-savvy focused on convenience. The best part is that apps are relatively affordable and can payoff huge for your business success in 2017.

Blogging for SEO

Blogging is step one of the search engine puzzle! Now does your company have time to optimize your blog content with proper SEO practices? More times than not business owners have not invested their time into SEO and miss hundreds of potential clicks. Think of it this way: Every click to your blog can become a click to your homepage, which can become a click to your services. Blogs are meant to draw potential business in through means of conversation. Take the time to educate your team about standard SEO practices, or an agency who is already equipped with these skills.

Social Media

 Social media is a legitimate means of marketing that is just as important as any traditional marketing methods. Learning the algorithms, styles, and proper posting formats of all your social media platforms is pivotal for marketing growth. Encouraging the entire office to understand the value of social media and how to incorporate it into daily practices will be a strategy that can put you well ahead of other small businesses.

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