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So you are newbie looking to get into the digital marketing game? Don’t worry, we were all new once and had a lot of information that needed to be digested! Digital marketing campaigns can range from a two-day contest to a six-month-long marathon of attempting to attract new consumers. None of these ideas can be mastered alone, and finding the right digital team might be the biggest advice I have for you when starting. Let’s assume now you are in the right office, with the right budget, and are enthusiastic to make big things happen.

There was a day when your company would be well ahead of the competition by doing any social media posting at all. Those days are long gone, as most businesses have jumped on the social media train for the long haul. But are they doing it right? Are you doing it right? Get in front of your competition and leave them in the dust with these social media strategies!

Email marketing campaigns can be confusing for a lot of companies.  A lot of times businesses can find themselves asking if it’s worth it. Well, email is still king when it comes to online marketing, and there is a checklist of things that you should be looking at before clicking that send button!

The weather is cooling down, the days are shorter, and football is in full swing. Halloween season is officially here! Has your business come up with a content marketing strategy that will engage your consumers? If you haven’t that’s okay there is still plenty of time to right the ship! Even if your company isn’t in the full spirit, Halloween is not a holiday to ignore. With millions and millions of dollars being spent on this fall holiday, Americans really gravitate to participating in these campaigns. I hope that these five easy tips put your company above the competition!

Hello everyone, trying to keep up with social media can be crazy!!! so, today I thought I would address a question that I have been asked quite a few times: how do you keep up with all this social media stuff? fellow bloggers, tweeters, facebookers, diggers and rss feeders, have you been driving yourself crazy with with all the social media buzz?

I had the great pleasure of meeting several wonderful and inspiring women last month at a business conference for entrepreneurs. Here is a quote I thought I would share with you, one that has inspired me and has led to my weekly contract with myself, “During this olympics you can see those that have not taken this moment for granted by introducing fear into their hearts. You can do anything..but if fear is driving your decisions on how you move, you will fall short of success.