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With 500 million users, LinkedIn should be any professional’s go-to digital networking platform. On LinkedIn, users have the ability to connect with other professionals in or outside of their industries, find new jobs, get scouted for new jobs, join interest groups, and much more. To be effective on LinkedIn, you must have a strong profile and presence, so don’t be shy and feel free to showcase yourself in a manner worth getting noticed by other leaders on the site.

How many times are you going to list “employee of the month” on your resume? It’s a competitive job market out there, and being a loyal employee who sits at their cubicle from 9–5 Monday through Friday, doesn’t quite stand out anymore. Spend a few evenings or days during the week outside of work not watching Netflix—it’ll pay off, and Stranger Things isn’t going anywhere.

Guess what—whether you know it or not, you are marketing your own lifestyle brand to family, friends, peers, and outsiders on a daily basis. From your outfit to your lingo, anything projected to others will contribute to how they perceive your lifestyle and personal brand. Whether or not this is a priority will vary from person to person depending on their social or professional goals. With the advent of the World Wide Web, there are many more channels and opportunities available to market ourselves, and to be effectively noticed, we should be leveraging most digital and traditional channels.

In the digital age, we sometimes forget about the more traditional forms of marketing, but press releases are still a necessary component of ensuring your successes are made known to the right audiences through different channels you don’t have direct access to. They are key to earned media.

These past few years, the term “women in the workplace” has been nearly omnipresent in the news, political movements, social media, and other channels. Whether we want to call it a movement or not, women are taking the workforce by storm, and we should stand up, stand out, and shine doing what we do best.