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Create Better Content in Less Time

Creating content for a website that needs to be engaging, well written, and fun, with minimal time? Let me help you find your rhythm for writing to avoid an exhausting day!

  1. Write within 40 hours a week. Numbers indicate that creativity and the ability to write effectively dramatically drops after you’ve worked 40 hours during the week. Be sure to prioritize your writing when you’re functioning at full capacity. If it’s going to be a crazy week, then split up writing tasks and save some for the following Monday or Tuesday.
  2. Create modest background noise. Do you like to listen to loud music while you write, or do you like silence? Neither of these are the correct answer! Experts suggest ambient noise or music of about 70 decibels to maximize working speed and quality.
  3. Avoid multitasking. This one is simple! If you want to get your writing done efficiently, don’t be checking your email, texting your friend, or chatting it up on Facebook. Mono-task all writing duties from start to finish!
  4. Identify your most productive time. For some people, their most productive time is the crack of dawn; for others, it’s at 1 a.m. Look, I’m not judging, but it’s important to find your most productive time and maximize your writing tasks during this period. You’ll thank me later (if you have time)!
  5. Keep content simple. Did you know that a reader typically reads reading only 20–28 percent of your blog content? Why write a 2,000-word essay when it doesn’t make sense with common Internet trends? Stay concise, fun, and creative.

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