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Getting More Social Media Bang for Your Buck

Creating an informative, aggressive, and compelling social media strategy is vital for any brand in today’s age. However, not every company is able to spend thousands of promotional dollars on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and I certainly understand that! Fortunate for you, there are many strategic tactics that can be added to your social media blueprints that lead to proven success.

What You Can and Can’t See

Many companies look for immediate ROI in their social media campaigns. While ROI is extremely important, it doesn’t tell the entire value of a social media post. For instance, for $15 you could run a Facebook post on which 20 individuals comment. Responding quickly to those 20 people is likely to give them a positive outlook on your brand, and makes them much more likely to engage with your company. Responding to reviews, comments, and shares is as easy a simple and free positive social media strategy. Maybe we can’t track the immediate happiness of each customer with each post, but over the course of time this trend will reward you well.

Get More Creative

 Customers will respond to direct advertisements if a big budget is placed on it, but our goal is not to solely depend on spending. Boosted posts reach new audiences and can fool a social media manager in to thinking their campaign was successful, simply because of the dollars attached. The real goal is to get an audience and keep them consistently engaged with the page using a reasonable budget. The best way to do that is to advertise your service or product in real-life scenarios. Find ways to relate to your audience with trending topics, relatable characters, or holiday campaigns. Many of the best companies advertise products without directly saying what the product is on every post. This type of indirect marketing can distract the audience from the fact that a business is trying to sell them something. It makes the consumer feel like they have found a friend because it points out how their products will improve their lives and help in their success without implicitly stating it.

Talk to “You,” not “Them”

 In conclusion, social media doesn’t have to be a huge expense for your company. In fact, many companies produce better, more personable content by spending less money and are still successful. The biggest thing to remember is that social media is like a conversation with a new person you met at the bar, or a coworker talking about an awards ceremony last night. Don’t go into these campaigns trying to talk to every single follower. Frame your content to be engaging to a single person, and let them know your company is there for them every step of the way.


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