Content Marketing Ideas to Win at Halloween!

The weather is cooling down, the days are shorter, and football is in full swing. Halloween season is officially here! Has your business come up with a content marketing strategy that will engage your consumers? If you haven’t that’s okay there is still plenty of time to right the ship! Even if your company isn’t in the full spirit, Halloween is not a holiday to ignore. With millions and millions of dollars being spent on this fall holiday, Americans really gravitate to participating in these campaigns. I hope that these five easy tips put your company above the competition!

Spook Up Your Content

  1. Use A Familiar Halloween Story

From Frankenstein to the Mummy, there are hundreds of scary stories that people recognize. Take a quick break from telling your customer story and reel people in with a popular Halloween tale.  Include popular characters in your images, familiar stories in your messaging, and give people a fun vibe for your company. People like fun, especially on social media!

  1. Ask People to Share

From Halloween costumes to home-brewed pumpkin beer, to jack-o-lanterns, this is the season of consumers showing of their work. Figure out ways to get your audience to interact with you with their Halloween activities. Encourage them through contesting, blogs, boosted social media posts, email blasts, or print ads!

  1. Utilize Video

In 2016, utilizing video is always an option for success. How about making a fun Halloween promo that might be like an old ad you have run but with your spokesperson in zombie makeup? People have short attention spans and hooking them with Halloween-related video will give them a new reason to take notice. Don’t forget about Facebook Live for you brave video users!

  1. Give Back

Community outreach is never a bad idea when running a successful business. Engage children and adults to participate in charity trick-r-treat events or pumpkin carving contests. Maybe a local shelter is donating pumpkins to families? Surely there is something your company can find or develop to make a difference!

  1. Spin Your Campaigns

Spinning your current campaigns to a Halloween theme could grab attention from completely new audiences. If you are already selling an experience or product, try rebranding it for the month.  Things like energy bills could become, “So low it’s scary!” with a vampire on your pamphlet. Your email newsletter could be a fun story about how your office is “haunted” to upgrade click rates. You could encourage social media users to tell their favorite scary stories for special discounts. Make it fun!

Halloween marketing should be easy and relatively inexpensive. Use your creativity to hook in new users who want to participate in a fall experience. Happy Haunting!

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