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Know Your Niche: An Audience Survey Worksheet


Picture your best customer or client. Can you see his or her face? How about a name? If you had to create a special offer just for him or her, could you do it? More importantly, do you know where to find 100 more just like him or her? Your business may depend on doing just that.

That’s why I’ve created this FREE audience survey worksheet. Don’t worry, you won’t have to make any customers fill it out. This is a worksheet just for you to fill in and form a picture of your ideal customer or client. Who are they? What do they want? What do they worry about? And how can you help? Form a complete profile of your best customers, detail by detail, so that you can find more of them and market to them more effectively!

Download this free, easy worksheet now to turn your ideal customer into a persona to whom you can tailor every piece of marketing and branding that you do. That way, you’ll only be targeting the exact sort of customer or client that will make you successful! Inside this free download, you’ll explore:

1. Their basic demographics
2. Their preferrences
3. Their habits
4. And more!