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BYOB: Your Strategic Calling Card


What do customers or clients know your brand best for? Is it your customer service? Is it your incredible products? If you aren’t sure (or if your customers or clients aren’t sure), it’s time to create a customized, strategic brand calling C.A.R.D.!

Your strategic calling C.A.R.D. is a simple, proven, effective mnemonic device for keeping your brand unique and true to who you are and what you do. It’s a must-have for new brands or brands that need to refresh customers or clients on what they do best and why. By following the 16 easy guidelines within, you’ll never have to worry that your brand voice or tone is incoherent or disjointed. Best of all, this valuable strategy guide is absolutely FREE to download!

Are you ready to ensure that your brand is presented properly across all of your digital marketing channels? Download this free strategy guide to discover how. Within, you’ll learn how to:

1. Create a coherent personal brand
2. Present your best self on LinkedIn
3. Create meaningful social engagement
4. And more!