4 Ways to Optimize Your Brand Using Snapchat

There’s no denying it: Video is taking over the Internet. Forgive me if I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but if you’re serious about marketing your brand online, video has got to be a big part of your social strategy. That doesn’t mean you have to have movie-star looks or charm to succeed, but it does mean that it’s time to get smart about the kind of marketing content you’re posting.

If we’re going to talk about streaming video, we need to talk about Snapchat. You may not have a Snapchat account yet, and if you do, you may not use it much. That’s ok. Just understand that many, many people do. In fact, according to Bloomberg, people watch an astounding 10 BILLION videos on Snapchat every day—that’s TWICE the number watched on YouTube daily.


If you’re going to conquer the world of video this year, Snapchat needs to be part of that plan. But Snapchat isn’t like all the other social media and video platforms. Once you’ve seen an image or video on Snapchat, it disappears. That means your videos won’t stay out there for viewers to keep watching over and over. For this reason, you’ve got to give your Snapchat connections a reason to stay tuned. Attention spans on the platform can be short.


So, how do you keep people’s attention with your Snapchat posts? Here are three marketing tips to help your business make the most of Snapchat’s user base and functionality:


  1. Put a face to your brand.

Snapchat was created for face-to-face communication. It’s a very personable medium, which means you need an actual person to appear in your images and videos that your followers will come to recognize when they seem them. This can be more than one person, but it should be a few, key personalities that translate well to photos and videos. Make sure they have an engaging presence and represent your brand values well.


  1. Use Filters.

If you’re holding a special event, create a customized Geofilter for that specific date and location that people can add to their own snaps. Filters, including Geofilters, are fun digital overlays that users can put on their photos and videos on Snapchat to make them stand out from the pack. They’re fun to use and can boost engagement with and awareness of your brand.


  1. Stick to a consistent posting schedule.

Snapchat may be a breed apart in the world of social media, but this rule still holds true: Consistency is key when it comes to engagement. A consistent posting schedule will help your followers know when they can expect new stories from you and keep them coming back to check out your latest content.


  1. Keep it fun.

Don’t worry about rolling out the hard sell on Snapchat—it will just disappear! Instead, use Snapchat to show off the fun, spunky, human side of your brand. The Snapchat audience is a video-obsessed demographic that often doesn’t spend much time on your other marketing channels, so reach them where they live. Have fun, create content that people will enjoy and engage with, and give your brand a personality your followers can relate to.


Your 2018 digital video strategy should stretch far beyond Snapchat, of course. Stay tuned to my blog and my social feeds for more tips on how to get the most out of the content you create this year!

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