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Must-have Desk Ornaments at Work

must-haves at your desk

As a creative entrepreneur, my thought process and productivity thrive when I surround myself by sources of inspiration in my home and workspace. There are many gadgets and knick-knacks out there to help spark ideas, and here are some of my favorites!


Instagram has taken off in the last few years, and as a creative worker, I’ve benefited from following many inspiring, like-minded professionals on this platform. The Instacube allows me to stream my instafeed throughout the day without the distraction of a cell phone. Sometimes I’ll just look up and watch it scroll for a pick-me-up or idea to help me continue my work.


Bluetooth Speaker

Have you ever met a parent who plays classical music for their babies while they’re asleep in hopes of making them smarter? While not exactly the same idea, listening to music at work seriously helps with productivity and, on a personal note, my mood! Yes, you want to work hard while you’re at the office, but there’s no need to torture yourself in silence. Create an ambiance you enjoy being in by listening to some of your favorite music or inspiring podcasts throughout the day.


Portable Cell-phone Charger

As a business owner, I am on the go all day. I am constantly taking phone meetings, sending emails, updating my social accounts, etc. Needless to say, I’m lucky to make it through lunch without my phone dying. Portable cell phone chargers are a must-have for anyone who needs to stay connected throughout the day, and there are some fun options out there too—my favorite are the emoji chargers!


Family Photos

If you’re an entrepreneur or anyone else heavily invested in a job they love, we sometimes forget to take the time to appreciate some very important aspects of our lives, like our friends and family. Having a family photo on my desk is a good reminder every day to take a couple of minutes to send a quick text to my best friend or call my parents.


Most of us spend the majority of our weeks in an office, so this needs to be a space you’re comfortable and enjoy being in. Make it your own! Don’t torture yourself for the sake of made-up standards of uniformity in the workplace. Do what you need to do to ensure you’re productive and comfortable.

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