Print Isn’t Dead

print is not dead

Even as the CEO at a marketing agency that focuses on digital content, I would never go as far as to say that print is dead. In 2017, this is a hot topic of conversation. Newspapers are losing business, magazines are going digital, and social media has seemingly taken over many efforts of outreach. However, there is a balance between these new and traditional forms of marketing that can be leveraged to any brand’s advantage.

Though argued by many, nobody can deny the intimacy of holding a physical copy of a publication, direct mailer, brochure, or lookbook. Readers are typically far more engaged and retain the content much easier when they can feel it. Plus, I think many people can agree that pop-up advertisements or newsletter sign-up requests are a bit distracting when trying to read an article online. I like to compare it to producing music with a synthesizer versus playing an actual instrument. When someone plays an instrument, the emotion and sound resonates on a much more intimate level versus something produced electronically—let’s not lose that same effect in our marketing efforts.

Print is also fun! There is so much flexibility when it comes to print. The variety of paper, colors, delivery, packaging, etc., is a lot of fun for both the marketer and audiences. Depending on how creative you get, print can be very interactive. Also, print isn’t necessarily limited to magazine or newspaper publications. Point-of-purchase collateral, billboards, and many more options can stop your audience in their tracks.

The idea of balance is associated with omnipresent marketing efforts and deciding what should be printed and what should be channeled digitally. For example, if you’re business is having a large event, you may want to create send out a newsletter, but it also may prove to be effective to send a nicely printed invitation in the mail—everyone enjoys receiving personalized letters.

As you go about your week, reflect on some nice collateral you encounter i.e. direct mailers, a brochure, a party invitation, or anything else that might spark inspiration for your next campaign!

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