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Networking in Houston

As one of the largest, most diverse cities in the nation, Houston is a great city to do business in. Building both the brand of myself as a branding consultant and that of my digital marketing company, Studio Brand Collective, has been very successful due to all the opportunity the city has to offer. If you are ready to get yourself out there, Houston is a great place to do so!


With six million people from all over the world living in Greater Houston comes a diverse industry base within the city which offers a market to virtually any business venture. There is a mix of so many different cultures and communities that are all in need of different things. So, if you don’t think there is a market for your brand or business, you may just need to look a little harder.

Also, cultural competence may be more important than other places in the country. Because the city is so culturally diverse, you are almost always going to encounter someone from a different state or country. Understanding cultures outside of your own will make it easier to connect with others and open doors to new opportunities.


Yes, there are a ton of different businesses succeeding in Houston, but the main industries fueling the city’s growth are oil and gas, energy, aerospace, and healthcare. Understanding the commercial qualities of the city will guide you when branding your business to others and determining the services you offer. For example, at my marketing agency, freestanding healthcare clinics have really benefited from our services to reach out to their communities because we took the time to understand this booming sector.


Saying you are in Houston doesn’t really help gauge where you are really based in the fourth largest city in the nation.  The city comprises countless suburbs with their own unique communities in each. Figure out where the leaders in your market spend their time before driving 45 minutes for a networking event not worth your time. Once you study these neighborhoods, reconsider where you grab a coffee or lunch from time to time, because most networking opportunities are not planned—you never know who you’re going to run into in this city!

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