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Daily To-Do List for Entrepreneurs

Daily To-Do List for Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to simply wake up and jump right into another busy day without much structure. The below to-do’s can serve as a check list to follow during your day to maintain stability, organization, and control throughout the work week.

  1. Wake Up at a Decent Time

Though this may seem obvious, waking up in the morning with enough time to wrap your mind around your day is essential to starting your day on a positive note. Nobody likes to start their day feeling rushed. Wake up with enough time before your next appointment to eat a good breakfast, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, meditate on your day, and draft a game plan for the rest of your day. As entrepreneurs, we have too much on our plates to cut corners, so we should start our days out strong!


  1. Journal

There is a lot of power to journaling. Many affirmations come into fruition when we write them down, say them aloud, and seriously think about our goals and take the time to consider how they fit into our current lifestyle patterns. When I’ve been stressed in the past or dealing with rather formidable obstacles my career has thrown at me, journaling for five minutes a day has revealed answers much faster than stressing out for a week. Journaling is an important part of my day when I intimately take the time to think about my life without outside distractions.


  1. Food=Energy

It’s easier said than done, but don’t forget to eat! As a small business owner, every day is a busy day. My to-do list is infinite, and there are times when I go an entire day without eating or drinking enough water. Your stamina fuels your business, so ensure you’re staying hydrated, not skipping meals, and taking a few moments throughout the day to leave your desk. Yes, I know it’s hard to leave that impressive pile of work, but you’ll be surprised at how much more you get done (in a better mood) when you remember to nourish your mind and body.


  1. Crunch Some Numbers

Daily budget checks may seem like an obvious addition to this list, but how often do you really document and verify your business expenses? Allot 15–30 minutes every day to organize your expenses to avoid scrambling at the end of tax season.


  1. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

If your business has grown enough to where you’ve hired a few employees, make sure you spend some time with them throughout the week. Though any CEO can argue he or she has “more important” things to do, building family-like camaraderie in the office will make for a far better work environment and foster healthy collaboration among your team across all projects.

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