Writing A Kick-Ass Press Release

In the digital age, we sometimes forget about the more traditional forms of marketing, but press releases are still a necessary component of ensuring your successes are made known to the right audiences through different channels you don’t have direct access to. They are key to earned media.

 Why send out a press release?

First, press releases are your brand’s key to open doors to many forms of free advertising in different channels depending on your recipient list. Company news regarding a new product, a project highlight, an award, a new location, etc. could be relevant to a magazine or news channel’s current programming objectives—your news is their news!  This mutual benefit allows each party to grow and engage new audiences.

Make it memorable.

Crafting a strong, creative, thorough, and complete press release makes it practical for your recipients to leverage. Before sending, you will annoyingly have to spend a lot more time on the subject line than many other components of the press release. News stations and sites are bombarded with countless submissions daily, so ensure your subject line hooks them, or else they most likely won’t bother to open the email.

Once you have a strong subject line, make sure you include visuals, links, and strong content that reflects your business objectives effectively and creatively. A lot of the time, they will simply copy and paste your press release, so make sure you cross your T’s and dot your I’s before the New York Times publishes your content for the world to see.

Be on the lookout.

You finally worked up the courage to click “send.” Now, play the waiting game. Sometimes these sources won’t have the time to send you an email thanking you for your time. You may simply open the Chronicle one day and magically see your business featured. The next step is to use these features to your advantage. Yes, play the name game in your marketing content, e.g. “Karee Laing was recently featured in Houston Business Journal! Click here to read the article.” This is where that mutual benefit comes in, and both parties are building each other with each brand’s content and credibility.

If press releases aren’t currently a marketing objective for your brand or business, you may want to reprioritize your efforts. Don’t let noteworthy news go unnoticed—you work too hard! Taking the time to draft a quality press release throughout the year should be a part of any serious marketing campaign. Even if you don’t get featured by the Huffington Post, you are getting your brand out there, and sooner or later, they’re going to take the bait.

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