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Know Thy Audience: Are You Marketing for Grandma or Millenials?

Deciding which social platform to focus on as a business is probably going to be one of the most important marketing decisions you will need to make early on. Today, all businesses need a fully integrated marketing approach leveraging both traditional and digital tactics, but social media has grown to be one of the most important today.

Social media is so widely used today you can engage your target audience on most platforms, but you need to study a bit to understand which platform your targeted audience is most active on. Luckily, there are many resources at our disposal that have been analyzing these user trends for some time now. Be sure to do your research to analyze demographic, geographic, and psychographic trends among the users on various social platforms and see if they match up with your business’ target audience.

Determine the reason you want your business to have a presence on social media. What’s your overall business goal and expectations associated with that goal? Do you want more traffic to your website? To drive sales? Social media can be used for a wide variety of reasons to grow your business. Though social media can be a fun way to market your business, you must remain objective in order to utilize it effectively for your business. Understand what each platform offers in terms of advertising options, user experience, and how it can integrate into your company’s existing marketing practices.

While it may seem like a good idea for your business to be digitally omnipresent, take a second look at the nature of each social platform before you invest your time and money in using it. If you do your homework, social media can be one of your strongest tools contributing to the success of your company.

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