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#HashtagHunt—Find Your Audience on Social Media

Did you know that posts with hashtags receive 13 percent more engagement than those that don’t? Hashtags are a product of 21st Century marketing that have taken the social media world by storm because they help users find the content they’re looking for. For optimal profile visibility, you should be using hashtags relevant to each of your posts on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram. Here are a few tips to effectively use hashtags to engage the right audience for your brand and business.

  1. Which hashtags earn the most engagement? There are credible resources at your disposal to see which hashtags are trending in your industry. A simple Google search can lead you in the right direction, or you can find successful brands on Instagram similar to your brand that you admire with a large following, and study the hashtags they are using.


  1. Play around with different hashtags that are on-brand for your business and measure which ones attract the most engagement. While there are resources that can be referenced, having some fun with it yourself can lead you in the right direction. (#HashTaggingForDummies!) Who knows—you might develop the next trending hashtag on Instagram!


  1. Even if it’s not trending (yet), branded hashtags are good for your brand and ensure users don’t lose sight of your business’ purpose. Branded hashtags include using your company name, a product, a campaign title, or anything relevant to your brand. Once users start building relationships with your brand, they just might start using them on their own page too.

There are mixed emotions about hashtag use in the marketing world. Some think they are clunky, annoying, or not aesthetically pleasing, but the reality is that they are a useful tool necessary to increase your exposure and engagement with widespread audiences outside of your initial following. #HashtagsFTW!

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