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What You Should Be Measuring to Grow Your Instagram Following

Instagram is a newer platform that has risen to the top of the social media world. Users belonging to a wide range of ages and nationalities spend hours on the platform every day. As of April 2017, there are 400 million daily Instagram users, and for business owners, that should translate to prime digital marketing potential for your brand. Focusing on the following analytics will ensure your content is engaging the right audience.

  1. Which posts are audiences most positively associating with your brand and profile? Once you’ve posted a fair number of photos, understand what type of content is performing best for your brand. The easiest way to do this is to see which posts are reeling in the most likes, comments, and reposts.


  1. What time of day are posts receiving the most engagement? Posting at different times of day will help test optimal times to post. This applies to Instagram advertising as well. Remember, Instagram doesn’t sleep. Audiences can be targeted anywhere on a local or international scale, depending on your business goals. Who knows—while you’re asleep, your most recent post could be going viral in China!


  1. Which hashtags earn the most engagement? Hashtags are a product of 21st Century marketing that have taken the social media world by storm. There are credible resources at your disposal to see which hashtags are trending in your industry. Play around with different hashtags that are on-brand for your business and measure which ones attract the most engagement.

Today, Instagram marketing is essential to effectively market your business on social media either locally or globally. Using these tips will increase audience engagement and help your brand enhance its personality to help attract future users in the long run.

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