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Self-employment—Get Prepared and Get Paid

Making the decision to be self-employed is a not a big decision—it’s huge. Many of the services provided for you as an employee in the past such as legal work, payroll, and other HR services will now be your responsibility to manage. Your competence and stamina to succeed will be the lifeline of your business. A lack of effort on your part will trickle down through your business, affecting your business and everyone else involved—it’s a domino effect! Be prepared for endless hours of work, sleepless nights, and going over and beyond in ways you never have before.

First, commitment to an idea you are passionate about is essential. One does not become a successful entrepreneur by going for something they “think” will be a good idea—you must know. Confidence in yourself and what you can do to lift both you and your business off the ground will take a lot of homework and effort.

You are now a part of the branding process for your company. The term “lifestyle” will assume a lot more meaning now from a marketing perspective. You will initially be the most important extension of your company’s branding. When it comes to client acquisition, hiring employees, and the overall conception of your brand, people are going to look to you to represent the quality of your goods and/or services.

Ensure your location has market potential for your business to grow. You could have an amazing idea, but if the majority of your local market isn’t interested in your business, staying afloat will be a formidable challenge. So, let’s not launch a high-fashion clothing line in central Iowa.

While it may seem daunting to start your own business, there are resources at your disposal to provide insightful information. Seeking help from seasoned professionals, such as a mentor, or spending some time doing your research will surely help you understand the direction your business may need to go.

Starting your own business isn’t easy, but if you are like me, sitting on an idea with great potential is harder to stomach than going for it. Time is of the essence, so start working to make your dreams a reality today!

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