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Don’t Be a Basic Blogger


With millions of bloggers saturating the World Wide Web, it may seem difficult to stand out. Don’t let that stop you. Blogs are a great way to increase engagement with your audiences. Using these three tips will help both your blog and brand stand out.

  1. Be bold with your opening statement and title. When searching the web, users are scanning countless different headlines. Your title and opening statement are either going to stop them in their tracks or leave you in the dust. With that in mind, don’t focus too much on being safe. Blogs are supposed to be a space sought out by enthusiasts to deeply explore their interests, so don’t be boring with safe, unoriginal content. Use thought-provoking questions, shocking statistics, eye-catching quotes, etc. Catch their attention and make sure they keep coming back for more!


  1. Ask yourself the question, “Would I actually care about this blog and take the time to read it?” Don’t write content for the sake of having content on your website—this can actually hurt the appeal of your brand or business. Boring content will surely deter your target readers. Before posting your next blog, take the time to reread your blog, get the opinion of other experts, and ensure the format makes sense. Always think quality over quantity.


  1. Use a personal story that audiences can relate to. Your blog is an outlet to socialize and connect with your audiences on a more personal level, and this type of relationship building is what will help you stand out among competing sites. In a world that’s increasingly and inescapably commercialized, it’s always refreshing to be reminded there are actual people with personality behind the business, not number-crunching robots.

Using these three tips will help your blog stand out among millions of others and also help you further understand the personality of your business. Remember, people are more inclined to engage with a brand if they can relate to it, and blogs are an essential tool to build relationships with your target audiences.

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