What Makes Me an Entrepreneur

Millennials are often drawn to entrepreneurship. For many of you, you have likely worked a job or two and want something different at this point. I would never steer somebody away from giving it all up and starting their own thing, but you need to be serious. Running a business is tough; getting it off the ground is even tougher. These are a few traits that have kept me motivated and focused through the early days of running my business ventures.

Go big or go home.

As an entrepreneur, you need to go all in with your idea and build the business you truly want, with the culture you want. This might be your only opportunity in your life to do things exactly how you want them to be, so take advantage! Why not take advantage of this opportunity to do things the way you always wanted to?

Be passionate about every step of the process.

Passion has been one of my top strengths from the start. I didn’t become an entrepreneur to only do things a portion of the way. When you begin a startup, it’s vital to know that many of the tasks early on will require long hours, feel potentially hopeless, and require you to do jobs you don’t normally do. Only the most passionate entrepreneurs can stick it out through the hard times. If you have well-laid-out plan, and a dedication to quality of work, you will rise above the rest in the end. It all starts with a passion that can’t be taken away no matter what.

Can your arrogance be an asset?

Have you ever heard that the most successful people have a slight amount of arrogance to them? Sometimes it’s actually needed! If you’re going to start a business up by yourself, you need to have that inner voice telling you that you are the best and nothing will stop you till you reach the top. Some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs work for two years without netting a cent of profit, but know that company will thrive under the deadline they gave it. I call it silent confidence and knowing you’re the very best; others may see it as arrogance. Regardless, carrying that edge with you everywhere you go is a common winning entrepreneur trait.

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