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Show Value With Your Social Media


For some businesses social media is just there. The most successful businesses have mastered social media and no longer just see it as superfluous. If you’re on the fence about why social media may or may not be right for your business, let’s run through a few facts.


  1. Engagement: Engagement rates revolve around how many people are communicating with you on your particular platform. For Facebook, this includes comments, shares, and reactions (likes, dislikes, etc). For Twitter, these would be favorites or retweets. What makes these engagements beneficial to you as a company is that we can specifically track when, why, and how they occur. If you’re giving people a legitimate reason to talk about your business, this is fantastic. When they engage with you, their friends are more likely to find you, and when the friends engage the friends of friends are now likely to engage. It’s a domino rally of potential success! By using social media, you can create a much more interactive approach to your company that maybe your competition has neglected. This also can let you know if your current campaign is not resonating with a target demographic. If your social media audience is struggling to understand your new campaign, it’s usually a representation of your audience as a whole.
  2. Click-Throughs: Did you just unload $100 into a social media campaign and aren’t sure why? First, be sure you know what you’re doing, and second, it’s easy to figure out if this campaign worked. Targeted social media campaigns tend to align with website click-throughs. We recommend one click per dollar spent. How is this different from PPC ads? Well, social media is typically cheaper, and can offer a longer standing following. Once you get somebody in the door on your social media page you could hold them for months or even years with proper practices!
  3. Embrace Fun: Social media users tend to be a little more loose than someone reading your pamphlet you just sent in the mail. Have you ever wanted to loosen up your marketing a little bit and show that your company is a lot of fun? Maybe you’d like to showcase the inspiring things you’ve done around the community? These are measurable posts that are perfect for social media inclusion! The current algorithms love localized content that feature quick and short personality bursts. Showcasing positive brand recognition will lead to more followers over the long haul, which leads to more engagement, which leads to a potential return on investment.
  4. True Reporting: Many advertising tools offer inconclusive reporting at best. With social media, we are able to show exactly how many people view your page, how many click through, and how many made it through the entire sales funnel. This gives us more of an educated approach as to what the next move is for your company’s campaigns.


Not convinced yet? Check me out on social media and see if I can change your mind.

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