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Pinterest in the Marketing World

Are you trying to figure out how Pinterest can assist in your marketing tactics this year? You’re not alone! Most businesses are starting to master the likes of Facebook and Instagram, but Pinterest remains a mystery. This platform can be highly beneficial to gaining a new audience, engaging people, and most importantly, earning a return on investment. Let’s review what it can do for you!

  • Build relationships with influencers: Do you have key influencers in your market demographic? Finding them on Pinterest, following them, and interacting with their posts can create much-needed attention for your brand. If they promote you as much as once, that could be the equivalent of spending hard-earned dollars on other marketing options!
  • Retain your following: Did you know that you are able to convert an already successful personal Pinterest page to a business page? Sometimes companies can be scared to use other platforms because they fear how much money they will have to use to create a legitimate audience. If you’re going into the game with 1,000 followers already, it certainly helps in gaining traction for your company.
  • Get creative: Pinterest is a looser platform than some of the others with more specific image or character restrictions. Use Pinterest to show your company’s creative side more freely, offering a more engaging social media experience.
  • Showcase website images: Looking to drive some key click-throughs to a stylish webpage you made? These are perfect for Pinterest pins (posts). The platform allows you to showcase full pages as an image and have people react to it or re-pin it on their page. This has been a strategy conductive to click-throughs for some of the more stylish websites!
  • Build SEO: Is your picture related to some specific type of aqua gear? That super specific aqua gear can be found in a search and your picture could be one of the first that comes up! Pinterest is very important in the growing search engine optimization game, and there are key ways to optimize your profile for click-throughs. Think of it like this: If you spent $40 on Pinterest and two people bought your products for $140, it’s already worth it in itself.

Pinterest is a new platform to many businesses, but can’t be ignored in the grand scheme of things. Learn a social media trick or two on my Facebook page this month!


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