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Learning to Struggle as an Entrepreneur

When you first became an entrepreneur you knew it would be hard, but this hard? I get it: There’s no blog, book, or life experience that can really put it all into perspective. The promising thing is that we’ve all felt these blues before and can relate as ambitious entrepreneurs!

  • Have you lost your optimism for your project? Take a step back and look at yourself a few years ago. Remember how excited you were for this project, how nothing would stop you. It may never be the honeymoon stage again, but more times than not, that optimistic person still exists deep down with you.


  • Learn and discover more about what you might be doing wrong. Struggling to meet the bottom line? Have you attended various entrepreneur conferences, watched webinars, or engaged on social media with like-minded people? I find comfort in knowing that things I struggle with are very similar to other people in my shoes. This doesn’t make us weak. This makes us human.


  • What is it that’s bothering you right now? Is it a compound of a lot of things going wrong? Is it a lack of sleep? Is it a home issue? I’ve found that sometimes our obsession in our work sometimes is our own worst enemy. When problems are arising within the business, it can actually be beneficial to just breathe and relax.


  • Let your employees motivate you. I’ve learned so much from my employees. They come into my office with so much drive, ambition, and desire to make something of themselves in their careers. I need to be the positive voice in their head, but also allow them to teach me something new. Seeing that spark that they bring on a daily basis should be something that can motivate you to alleviate your blues!

Positivity is just a click away. Come join me for my daily motivation on Twitter!


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