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The Best Reading Lists for Entrepreneurs

At the end of 2016 there were numerous articles and lists written to prepare for the new year. As someone who works to grow both personal and professionally, I love to seek out motivation from other entrepreneurs. There is no replacement for education, and what we can learn from each other will only make the world a better place. Let’s look at some of the more fascinating lists I found while closing out 2016.

10 Business Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read in 2017

Forbes put together an excellent list detailing books that can assist your entrepreneur skills in the New Year. The titles range from Shoe Dog a bestseller about how Nike rose the ranks as a company to Grit a book about passion and persistence defining what makes you succeed as an individual.

“Top 20 female entrepreneurs to watch in 2017”

Profiled by CIO.com, these 20 women are set to light the world on fire in the new year! I’m always inspired by female entrepreneurs. I have learned a great deal of what I know now through the success and struggles of my peers. From software developers to innovative wedding planners, these women give me a lot of motivation to be my very best.

“2017 resolutions every entrepreneur should consider”

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners have a tough time escaping form their hectic work life. Maybe taking more time off is a 2017 New Year resolution? Read on Tallahassee.com, how this author is looking to make 2017 his most stress free year yet!

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