How to Not Let Failure Overcome Success

In my life as an entrepreneur, I have failed at several things, and I’m not ashamed to admit that. In fact, the greatest success stories often come from people who have failed several times during their lives. When things don’t go your way, it’s perfectly acceptable not to be happy and not to accept these results. What will define you in your career is how you rebound and learn from these mistakes. Successful people aren’t afraid to talk about their weakest points along with their greatest success stories. These suggested strategies will help you move forward from your darkest days.

Don’t push responsibility. Don’t accept your mistakes, but accept your feelings. It’s okay to be mad at your actions and want to achieve more. What is not helpful is using excuses for why you didn’t get something done on time or why you messed up an important document. Respect yourself and that you can be better than that, and take action steps to get better!

A setback is not a lifetime failure. Okay, so you screwed something up at work and there is no going back. This is what we call a setback, not something that will dominate your life. People that can compartmentalize criticism and failure, are the ones who go on to make things 110 percent better the next time. Stay confident in your abilities and you won’t crumble under potential pressure.

Talk to someone. Failing at something is something that you can bottle up inside and take with you everywhere you go. Find someone to talk to who is a neutral party, and can talk things through with you. Seeing your situation through someone else’s eyes can bring clarity and motivation to move forward faster.

Improve self-esteem. If you are extremely down about one failure at work, it could mean you’re struggling with self-esteem issues apart from work. I recommend finding something valuable to you that you consider an accomplishment. This could be working out, a fun project, or simply cleaning your house! Whatever it is, we all need a sensation of accomplishment. Don’t let work be the only place you get these feelings.

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