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Does Perfectionism Reduce Creativity?

Driven individuals tend to accept nothing but top-end results and perfected work campaigns. Is there a fine line of perfectionism that reduces creativity? The answer across the board is yes and here is why.

Playing it Safe

 Many people are reprimanded by their bosses for errors or campaigns that fall flat. When things don’t work, the natural tendency of a perfectionist is to go back to something they know works. Why risk your standing by trying something new, right? The problem with this is that playing it safe can get you a good job, but the best jobs are for those willing to take big risks to make big plays. There’s a time and place for everything, and I believe in something known as controlled risks. For instance, during the first six months of a new job, play it a little safe. Build trust with your superiors, and use the skills that you know are your meal ticket. While playing it a little safer than you’d like, study more experimental trends in your industry for inspiration. Identify which ones are applicable to you and start to build out that risky campaign that you want to put your heart into. If your boss sees that you went out on a limb and tried not to be good at what you do, but tried to be the best, I promise you aren’t getting let go! Everything in the workforce is give and take, but never give up on creativity.

The Only Thing to Fear is Fear Itself

 As an entrepreneur, I put countless hours into projects that may or may not work. The whole time I fear that this could blow up in my face, or that a client may not want to work with me after this new campaign. These thoughts are natural, but we must overcome them as perfectionists and not resort back to our safe place. I recommend finding individuals who you look up to and reading their social media, listening to their podcasts, or engaging with their short-form video entries. We learn from each other, so let’s find someone who can provide regular motivation. The thing I can’t say enough is that all our heroes have failed many more times than they have succeeded. Michael Jordan, Martha Stewart, and even the great Batman, just to name a few!

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