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Creating Shareable Content Like a Pro

Do you create blog, social media, or video content that is falling short of expectations? The best way to get noticed on the Internet is by way of shareable content. The problem? Everyone is doing it, and the Internet is oversaturated with content that is very similar! Let these six tips steer you in a more positive direction.

Domino Rally of Likes: Do you want people to click “like” on your content? Social media users are 32 percent more likely to engage with your content if someone has already clicked the like button. It never hurts to click “like” yourself, or get a few friends to help get the domino rally started. Don’t forget to share on Facebook also!

Entertainment: Studies indicate that people like to be the bearer of good news on the Internet. Constructing uplifting and insightful blogs are more likely to be distributed on Twitter and Facebook.

Teaching: Outside of entertainment, content that tends to be shared are articles that teach us something. A clever SEO-optimized subject line that cues people to feel a sense of accomplishment is key in short-form blogging.

Connect with Like Minded People: As a digital marketer, we try to connect our brands with like-minded people. Start designing your content around that audience and build shareable content!

Rewards: Contests, quizzes, and polls are good methods for engaging audiences. Give the user an experience rather than constantly talking at them. Studies indicate that the younger the audience, the more they want an experience over being talked to.

Easily Readable: As attention spans fall apart in our digital world, keeping your content easily readable is getting more and more important. Think about captivating pictures, bullet points, and bolded words to loop the average person in. Once they are in, they may share.

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