Secrets to Keeping Motivated

Personal motivation can be found in a variety of ways. Sometimes it’s just enough to get you through the day, other times it’s enough to hold you through the whole year. The most motivated people find ways to never lose their edge. These traits are common in people who carry a drive with them everywhere they go.

  1. They anticipate bumps. When working on a major project, nobody wants a ton of road blocks. However, those pitfalls are often inevitable. The most motivated people anticipate that they will fall, therefore, they never crack after failure. Failure often drives them to come back even stronger, and they rarely make the same mistakes twice.
  2. Yes, they have an ego. Arrogance has a negative connotation, but is arrogance always bad? A little bit of an ego and self-belief never hurt anyone. The most successful leaders believe that their work is superior to their competitors’ and they won’t shy away from telling you why. That belief motivates them to never be complacent with good work, they strive to be only the best.
  3. They aren’t Lone Rangers. Even though the most motivated people believe strongly in themselves, they aren’t afraid to learn new things from others! They often depend on their team, coworkers, or friends for ideas with their projects. While they may not agree with every idea, they will give their two cents on the topic. The ability to learn at any age or experience level will be crucial to long-term development.
  4. They challenge themselves. Motivated people never stop challenging themselves. They strive to be employee of the year, the highest-earning person in their position, or reinvent strategies that competitors will follow. These people are wired to believe that their hard work will continue to create exciting opportunities for them in life. Whether it’s for self-interest or for company success, they don’t stop chasing ultimate achievements.
  5. They find value in every task. These people don’t get derailed by doing things they don’t want to do, or by bosses who don’t align with their philosophical beliefs. Any and every opportunity is a chance to learn something important. Motivated people typically can find any task beneficial to their long-term growth and won’t have an attitude that shuts down their progress.

Applying these personality characteristics all at once could be difficult. However, if you are looking to be more motivated, try one of these for a month. See how you deal with it, mark down your struggles, and be willing to take some bumps along the way! Many of the most successful people endured years of failure before finding their ultimate place in life. Keep grinding as we approach 2017!

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