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Content Marketing for 2017

In just a few days it will be time to flip the calendar to 2017! We learned a lot of different things about content marketing in 2016, and will continue to learn during the new year. Has your brand built your content marketing strategy yet? If not, these strategies will help you to be more successful in the new year!

  1. Interactive Content: Videos, newsletters, text messages, and strong social media are all examples of content suited to interactivity. Studies routinely show that consumers are much more likely to respond to content that interacts with them in some way versus static, old-school marketing. In 2017, begin your marketing strategies by identifying your target demo, what their habits are, and how you can interact with them on each of your digital platforms.
  2. Live Videos: Every digital marketer is preaching the mastering of Facebook Live or Instagram live video concepts. It could be as simple as your manager responding to customers on video, or it can be an expansive live demonstration of a problem solving task. People are now viewing live streaming like a regular television show and look forward to seeing what brands will try next. With a 70-percent higher viewership rate than photos, live video is set to grow stronger in 2017.
  3. Virtual Reality: The hype in marketing right now is virtual reality and how it applies to your brand. These marketing tactics are new and will require some trial and error practices before you can fine tune them. However, early numbers show that users are more than 62 percent more likely to interact with your brand if you advertise with virtual reality platforms. Begin thinking about how you can engage your audience with a virtual reality experience, and experiment with it in 2017 before going all in. The data shows it’s worth a try!

 What kind of marketing are you looking forward to the most in 2017? Keep up with the latest trends with me on Twitter.

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