Workplace Checklist Before Punching Out For Thanksgiving Vacation

Workplace Checklist Before Punching Out For Thanksgiving Vacation

Yes! Vacation is on the horizon with Thanksgiving right around the corner. As a business owner, you might be so excited to runoff to a turkey feast that you forget important tasks before you lock the doors up. Even worse, you may remember them in the middle of a vacation when your mind should be separated from work completely!

Make a Grid Now!

 Two weeks out, make a holiday grid of every task that you need to complete before the holidays hit. Even if that means you cram six days of work into five this week, it will be well worth it when you are kicking back and sleeping in. Prioritize these duties, allocate them, and structure them with due dates that are bumped up multiple days early.

What Can Wait?

 After holidays many people return to work a tad scatterbrained. That’s perfectly fine! Have you planned a list to help you remember what needs to get done on the Monday you return? What about your team? Do they have a calendar built out with specific instructions?

Mix in Fun!

 Upcoming holidays bring stress and excitement all in one. Your workers might find themselves stressing out as they try to burn rubber out of the office on Wednesday afternoon. Mix in some fun events for them at lunch breaks that won’t completely take over their day, but will allow them a mental rest. The annual Thanksgiving workplace potluck is always a morale lifter. Productive employees are typically happy employees and happy employees offer more quality work.


 Focus tends to dwindle down the stretch. Anticipation makes work more of a chore. If you followed the steps above, you shouldn’t have to grind on the last few days. Focusing right now on the end goal is what you should be thinking about. Don’t let that focus waiver and you’ll find yourself smiling on the last day before we leave rather than stressed.

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