Reimagining Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Reimagining Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is nearing, and there is a lot of turkey to be eaten! The best way to cook a turkey is widely debated, with many hours and dollars spent on perfecting the craft. Tired of the same old methods? These unique approaches to cooking your Thanksgiving Day turkey can provide something more interesting than football to talk about this holiday!

Citrus Glazed Turkey With Chipotle Gravy

Hey, we told you these would be unique! This recipe combines traditional seasonal flavors with honey, orange peel, and chipotle! For a bit of a kick to your taste buds, this bird will be combined with 16 ingredients to reinvent the Thanksgiving experience.

Miso-Rubbed Turkey with Turkey Gravy

Miso turkey is an incredibly moist treat for your taste buds! This blend is simple. Combining simple ingredients like black pepper, onion, and butter with ½ cup of miso will put a spin on your usual Turkey Day. Expect a cook time of 4.5 hours for maximal flavor.

Cider-Brined-And-Glazed Turkey

This recipe clocks in at an extremely high rating on, making it the highest rated turkey of our grouping. With this recipe, you will need to come into Thanksgiving prepared! Brining begins two days before serving, with ingredients like apple cider, kosher salt, allspice, and eight bay leaves being mixed in. The apple cider will also be included in a glaze, giving this turkey a fresh taste unlike any other! Gravy for some is a make or breaker. This gravy contains sage leaves, applejack brandy, and whipping cream mixed with flour. Unlike most brined turkeys, this recipe will still allow you to stuff the bird with less salt than the typical recipe.

Maple-Brined, Wood-Smoked Grilled Turkey

Adding another brined turkey to our listing, this is our low-fat option for turkey cooking! Brining it with brown sugar, maple syrup, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and thyme will not only taste amazing, but avoid making you gain a quick five pounds! This turkey is meant to be cooked on a grill between 275 and 325 degrees. Allow a total of four to four and half hours to cook this bird on the grill. This is perfect for those who are bored with oven-cooking their turkey each year.

These are just a few of the ways you can spruce up Thanksgiving Day dinner! We hope your family has a very special holiday.

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