Stress-Free Work Strategies

Stress-Free Work Strategies

There is no such thing as the stress free workday in 2016. With offices shrinking, duties growing, and a lot of strong personalities crammed together in the workplace, it is easy to lose focus at your work desk. While a lot of people can find themselves focusing on the amount of hours they work in relation to success, I’d like to focus on making my many hours spent working more productively. Working while feeling stressed out to the maximum degree will only create longer durations and unfocused strategies. I’ve found these tips to be helpful when trying to survive a long day!

  1. Stretch

Getting up and stretching for a matter of even five minutes can be groundbreaking during a long and crazy workday. Whether it’s a walk or a little yoga, find some time for you to get your legs loose every 2-3 hours and quickly decompress. Jobs that require a lot of sitting can sometimes create tunnel vision when it comes to production.

  1. Watch a Funny Video

There is no shortage of funny videos on the Internet for you to enjoy. As long as it is office friendly and your manager won’t freak out, it’s good to bring some humor to the office. Watching a dog chase its tail or somebody fall on their butt could be good for your morale going into the later stages of the day. The key is to never get sidetracked for more than 10 minutes, but never push your workloads for more than three or four hours.

  1. Energy Snacks

Some people tend to overeat at work, but what are they eating? Snacking could be important to keeping your mind right throughout the nine-hour workday. Bringing some fresh fruit, vegetables, or high protein items will give you energy to focus at even the most stressful times. Will it eliminate stress? No. But what it can do is let you maximize production, rather than getting lethargic and just shutting things down! When people get overwhelmed they tend to get almost nothing done at all. Having proper, non-artificial energy will certainly help that issue.


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