Yes, Creating a Consistent Brand Online is Important

Branding your small business involves projecting a strong, consistent image throughout all your marketing channels, regardless of whether you’re using online or traditional media. Creating a consistent online brand helps you maximize your brand presence, enabling potential customers to understand the value your products/services provide. By projecting your business’ unique personality, you send a clear message about who you are, your ideal clients and what your business stands for.

As online marketing evolves, many small businesses are not able to maintain a consistent brand image and strategy, and ensuring all brand touch points are consistent across your various online properties becomes a challenge.

A brand includes both the visual identity and your business promise. While the visual identity encompasses all the visual elements of your brand – logo, fonts, colors, images, and other creative, the business promise (the intangible asset) is the business’ guarantee to consistently deliver to its clients.

An online brand helps your customers clearly differentiate you from your competition. If you associate your brand with high standards such as trust and quality, clients and prospects will associate your brand image – logo, colors and message – with that value as well. This increases customer trust, loyalty and familiarity. A strong and focused brand that is projected consistently across all online properties makes your business more credible and recognizable.

To create a consistent brand online, start with these small “to-dos”:

  1. Create a strong and unique company name.
  2. Ensure you have a consistent domain to go along with this name. Create something that is easily remembered and not a far cry from the business name.
  1. And because creating social platforms streamlined to your industry and market is a must; be sure to select usernames that are aligned with your business name.
  1. Start by creating a visually appealing and consistent brand mark that is compatible and will be effective across multiple online platforms. It never hurts to create a brand mark that embodies your brand’s story.
  1. Ensure your social platforms are consistent with your brand image. This means the visual and emotion a potential customer receives when visiting all platforms should essentially be the same.

Owning and running a successful business is hard work, but creating a consistent brand online and offline is the type of hard work that will provide longevity and success for your business.

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