Ep #2: Life is All About Choice!

In today’s topic, I want to focus on a topic that really hit home for me – Jealousy and comparing oneself to another person. If you’ve been following along on my social channels, you may have noticed a video I shared – Elle magazine’s “My Turn” series featuring Chelsea Handler, where she discussed her experience on jealousy. It was a career setback that forever taught her how to deal with jealousy in her life.

This topic truly hits home because like everyone else – I am also human and there are times when without consciously thinking about it, I start to compare myself to others. And this leads me to feeling inept and completely not beautiful inside. I think there’s one thing to note here – jealousy is a natural human feeling, but it’s what you do with it that defines you. We’re all destined for different things, we’re all destined to lead different lives, accomplish different things and experience life at different paces. Whenever I start to feel this way about myself, I remind myself of all the small and large accomplishments and I remember that my light is strong and there is so much in this world that my good can be used for.

We’re all trying to find our way to live the best life possible. Sometimes it’s easy to look at what others have accomplished and judge ourselves accordingly – to be jealous and feel inadequate. When this happened, I want you to remember this, there is enough for everyone to succeed – in your own time, your own space and your own light. Be kind to yourself and share your Light!

Ask yourself this question: How do I choose to Live my Life?



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