Ep #1: 5 Lessons I’ve Learned As An Entrepreneur

Welcome to the first podcast recording of Design A Life + Business With Intention. In this segment, Karee focuses on the 5 Lessons Learned As An Entrepreneur. As most entrepreneurs can attest to, we choose the path we follow, and consequently much of our success or failure depends on how much we learn along the way. For some, success is a long and slow process, while for others it seems to happen much faster. But there is nothing magical about entrepreneurship – it’s gritty, it’s hard, it requires perseverance.

Those who truly succeed understand the importance of learning from, adapting to and growing with their experiences. In my first 3 years in business, it’s been a roller coaster ride, and today I share 5 Lessons learned thus far:

  1. Hard Work Always Trumps Talent – we’re all born with many gifts, but it’s commitment and hard work that truly pays off. Being an entrepreneur is hard work. Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it requires effort.
  2. The Past is a Great Educator – the key here is to learn from it and use it to fulfill your destiny and intended goal. A great quote I read: “For entrepreneurs, the key to success is how quickly we convert failure into education and, ultimately, into lasting changes in behavior.”
  3. Never Make A Decision Based on Money – making a decision based on your passion is the most beneficial life and business lesson. You’ll spend a majority of your time working without any immediate gratification, so if you’re not fulfilled on your journey then it will be a quick departure and you’re wasting your time.
  4. Opportunity Lies Around the Corner – being open to the options presented to us and making the best of all life’s situations may simply surprise us in the end. The best advice I ever received was, “Showing up is 80% of life, which means it’s 80% of your success.” Show up and give your best effort every time. You never know who’s listening or watching.
  5. Starting Small Can Lead to Big Payoffs – When crafting an intentional life and business, it requires thought and clarity. This type of focus happens when you are focused not just on the big things but also the small details. The truth is that speed may very well be overrated. What good is going fast if you’re going in the wrong direction? Focus on refining the right course of action first.



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