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5 Marketing Predictions for 2015 and Beyond…

It’s no surprise that with increasing technological advances, data mining, and mobile/social use, there are big changes in business models and digital tactics, especially in terms of online marketing strategies. When business goals and digital marketing strategies head towards even more intelligent platforms and innovation, there is always bound to be an increased predictability in future market trend changes.

Nobody can be sure regarding what businesses can expect in terms of the various innovative designs and creations that are in line to be prepared and implemented. But one thing’s for sure: with the kind of powerful minds present in the market along with leaders in the digital marketing arena, 2015 has boasted a powerful and extraordinary compilation of electronic marketing marvels. And according to Hubspot’s 2015 Digital outlook, “mobile commerce will account for 24.4% of overall e-commerce revenues by the end of 2017”.

So, in light of this, here are five market predictions for 2015 and beyond:

The Scattering of Promotional Channels
Web marketers will no doubt have to tailor their content to their audiences. Not a surprise, right?  According to Intel Corporation’s marketing strategist, Pam Didner, the market in 2015 will continue to experience a new breed of online marketers; marketers who will first invest in re-analyzing and evaluating the playing field and the data that goes with it. Don’t get the wrong idea, though: it’s highly unlikely they will be returning to the Dark Ages. Their core objective will be to rely on marketing investments and using influencing factors to move the market to increase single targets. It is also predicted that e-marketers will be discouraging crowdsourcing strategies to get more precise and insightful information from single customers.

Expect a Living, Breathing Market
As we’ve seen already with the advent of wearable technology and mobile payment services like Google Wallet and Apple Pay, 2015 was the year of digital marketing, and it will continue well beyond this. Expect an active market with the use of innovative apparatuses to form dynamic marketing strategies and a sort of marketing ‘ecosystem’ that will provide online businesses and leaders with improved and revolutionary capabilities through digital marketing.

Analytics? Well, this Will Continue to Soar
While there are mixed feelings about the best use of data in marketing, the importance of analytics and data is still at the core. There are already many analytical tools being used to measure marketing success or failure, see how customers are engaging, monitor conversations and predict better strategies. The need and importance for analytics will continue to rise well beyond 2015 and so will the cost associated with gathering the right mix of tools or the right tool for that matter. There is an increasing demand for more tangible and quantifiable metrics, and with this demand comes supply. With the rapid rise in the number of available platforms “to measure things”, comes the school of thought that we must first understand what is being measured to be able to make it worthwhile.

Content Will Continue to Be King
Literally and Figuratively! The popularity of content marketing strategies will continue unabated into the upcoming year, which means that marketers will abandon the traditional digital marketing tactics in favor of creating more relevant and inspiring content. Instead of relying on tested solutions, companies will pay more attention to customer experience and curate content in a more emphatic, client-oriented way.

Coding Will Be the Source of All Optimization 
According to the senior manager of LinkedIn’s content department, coding will become the prime ingredient for web marketers to optimize online business websites. That is because coding will provide modern e-marketers the access they want to public relations, search engine optimization needs, digital content and the demand that goes with it fairly easily. However, this trend is an improved spinoff of an already existing trend, but one that is equally important. All in all, 2015 was a year of considerable growth and enhancement in digital marketing and its certainly predicted to continue this way in the future.

Would love to know your thoughts!

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